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Mark-Ups and Access

Studies show that services used with your Black Card can come with a mark-up of as high as 66 percent. For instance, the concierge service at the Ritz-Carlton got a Black Amex member a room at a rate of $349 per night that a corporate discount could have supposedly booked for $210, or two thirds of the cost.

American Express explained that purpose of the card is not to provide members with discounts but rather to enhance lifestyle and to provide elite access and services.

An American Express company spokesperson said, “We call them card members and not holders as it is about being in an exclusive club, and it is about being special and that is how we build the benefit and value. It’s about access. We do fashion events with designers such as Roberto Cavalli or Diane von Furstenberg where 25 people get to meet the designer who helps them pick out clothes one-on-one. We do famous chef events and you can cook with them at home. There is a program to shop with famous people like Stacey London.”

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Marquis Jet Card

The Marquis Jet Card Program gives you flight time on private jets in increments of 25 flight or occupied hours. Founded in June 2001 by Kenny Kichter and Jess Itzler Marquis Jet Partners Inc. provides members a card that represents a prepaid lease. Cardholders get the experience of jet ownership without the responsibilities associated.

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Nerd Alert! The Black Card Is Used in Anime TV Show Lupin III

Lupin III (?????, Rupan Sansei) began as a Japanese manga (comic) series written and illustrated by Kazuhiko Kato under the artist handle of “Monkey Punch.” The storyline focuses on a gang of thieves led by Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc’s series of novels. Lupin and his gang travel throughout the world to steal treasures and escape from the law. Phew, okay, glad we’ve gotten all that settled!

At any rate, the first Lupin III manga appeared in “Weekly Manga Action,” a series magazine, beginning on 10 August 1967. This led to the creation of a media franchise that includes numerous manga comics, a handful of animated TV shows, feature films, direct-to-video releases, TV specials, music CDs, video games, and a musical. Finally, WhiteLight Entertainment, a production company owned by Gerald R. Molen, purchased the live action theatrical rights to Lupin III in 2003 and the Hollywood production is scheduled to be released in 2009.

So what does any of this have to do with The Black Card you might be asking? Maybe you’re antsy for me to get to the point. Well, if I still haven’t lost you by now: on one of the Lupin III TV episodes, a character reserved her $8,000.00 a night suite at the Waldorf Astoria (pic below). Even Anime, although considered adult cartoons, has been infected. This is not only another example of Black AMEX in popular culture, but goes to show that the AMEX has gone global with the Black AMEX as a status symbol.

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Even James Bond Can’t Decide White VISA or Black AMEX

In the 2006 film Casino Royale, James Bond walks into The Ocean Club (an exclusive Bahamian resort), goes to the concierge, requests a room without a reservation, and simply hands the concierge a black credit card. We have little doubt this is the Centurion card he hands over. But how things change, here is a photo from the Omega Exhibition held recently, does this mean we will not see our beloved black card in the new movie?

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The First Cut Is The Deepest: AMEX Black In HBO’s Entourage

The show Entourage on HBO has been around for a while, and we just discovered this quick little reference to the Black Card when Vince and “E” are being told they’re in financial trouble and can’t rely entirely on Vince’s Black Card for their spending needs. Just another example of how the Black Card has become an icon in popular culture.


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Centurion on the iPhone

Sure, Google might try to compete with Apple’s iPhone with its Android Platform phone knock-offs, but come on: we all know that the iPhone is the original and superior invention. Whether your iPhone is 3g or one of the older models, you know the interface is so gooey in comparison to Google’s Android platform.

Enough said?

Well, there are, in Google’s defense, two things their android phones have going for them. First, Android is an open source platform, which is actually more than can be said for the iPhone. However, if you really want your iPhone to be open source, just hack it. Then you be technical with it and run whatever you want. It’s not that hard to hack an iPhone, although sources say this does void the warranty of the phone. Small price to pay? That’s your call, not ours.

The second thing that gives Google’s Android phones an edge over the iPhone is the fact that they have actual buttons, for example with T-Mobile’s Android-based G1 phone (pictured above), as opposed to Apple’s purely touch approach with the iPhone. Again, though, let’s get real and think about how much time is really going to be saved by having that pad. So, you can crank out all those long e-mail messages on the go? Honestly, if you’re on the go that often, maybe you should be carrying a small laptop around with you so that you can do more than just listen to music, surf the web and write e-mail.

Phones are becoming more and more like computers by the day, but here we wholeheartedly recommend getting your Centurion card points by purchasing an iPhone over any Android platform phone. Oh and don’t even think of buying one of those Samsung pieces of junk!

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Most Expensive Apple Computers

If you have a Black Card, you probably have a tendency to buy the most expensive things that money can buy. Psychologically, perhaps you feel that when you spend more money on something you get greater quality in return. I mean, sure, the expression “you get what you pay for,” doesn’t always hold true. However, it probably holds true most of the time.

Luxury addicts far and wide can bling their MacBooks with these designs first revealed at CeBIT 2008. If you have the means and feel the need to stand out, then perhaps one of these MacBooks is for you. Get your Black Card ready for purchasing a gold-plated MacBook Pro (photos below); or, if that’s not enough, go for the world’s most expensive MacBook Air (video below).

For gold-plating your MacBook Pro, it costs between $1200-$1500, and takes two to four weeks to modify. Bear in mind, though, that this also includes paint-matching the keyboard and track pad, and re-etching the keys so the backlight shines through them. If you really want to get your bling on, you can request a diamond-studded logo of your own choosing to replace the Apple logo.

For the MacBook Air design, nicknamed “Golden Age,” you’ll be dropping about $40,000.00 USD to have your computer decked in 12,000 Swarovski crystals. The crystals are even shinier than usual due to a coating of 24k gold set beneath them. Construction of a “Golden Age” takes about one week due to the fact that its crystals are set by hand. There’s no better way to be flashy with your computer than with one of these modified Apple laptops.

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Halcyon Jets Dream Card

The Halcyon Jets Dream card is a partial jet ownership card that was previously launched as a $5 Million dollar gift card, likely ending up as one of the most expensive gift cards in history! Halycon Jets, however, offers lower priced pre-paid partial jet ownership cards, similar to Marquis Jet, that provide access to a fleet of private jet planes.


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Black Card Ultralounge

So you never would have guessed, but not long ago–close to the end of the summer in August–a new club opened up targeting none other than holders of The Black Card. The appeal of the black card brand is no surprise for targeting club-goers might come as no surprise to you, but what about the fact that The Black Card Ultralounge opened up in none other than Scottsdale, AZ?

I have got to be honest: I don’t know all that much about Scottsdale, or AZ, other than the fact that there are lots of canyons, cliffs and hippies existing in Arizona. However, when the glitzy and aesthetic club opened its doors on Saturday, August 16, 2008, the owners of the establishment were definitely aiming for older and more upscale visitors.

The venue space was previously known as “Taste Ultra Lounge,” before it was bought out by Las Vegas Entertainment Group (LVEG). Typically, LVEG buys out struggling bars and clubs, so ironically enough they’ve taken a club space and picked it up from rags to riches.

The club’s owner, Ed Pope, has a Centurion of his own, of course. When asked about the concept of the club, Pope said, “We were just looking at it and we realized what the card stands for is what we want this club to be about.” The club has a maximum occupancy of 615 and is in an affluent neighborhood, in close proximity to other upscale businesses.

The club has been remodeled to a modern but dark sketchbook theme. The DJs at the club play everything from hip-hop to top-40 to mash-ups and house.

Of course the upscale club has an upscale dress-code; however, exceptions are made so long as the untraditional dress-code clothing such as t-shirts and sneakers are with proper labels: Ed Hardy, Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, and so on. If it’s made by an expensive enough designer then it will probably be acceptable. However, this must mean that the club’s bouncers are aware of the latest fashions and have the ability to distinguish real designer labels from knock-offs. One would hope, anyway.

Last, the VIP section of the club is blocked off with a wrought-iron railing, and of course a Black AMEX must be presented in order to gain entry past the rail. However, due to the small portion of people actually in possession of Black Cards in Scottsdale, AZ, the club allows members to purchase a $1,000 membership to the VIP section. With the membership comes a black metal card with a serial number on it, embossed with a crown, stars and Gothic script, which comes in a black faux-leather wallet.

Pope has already made a name for himself in the California bar scene and has plans to open up eight other clubs in the Valley, with hopes of taking the Centurion card concept to New York, MIami, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Diego.

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Exclusive Access To Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2009

Attend the exclusive Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2009 in Miami! Just bring your American Express Card to get insider access. From a private poolside cabana at The Raleigh to a meet-and-greet with a swimwear designer, Cardmembers have unparalleled access to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2009.


Cardmembers Dive Into 2009 Swim Collections at Miami’s Raleigh Hotel

WHAT: As part of its ongoing commitment to providing unique access to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week activities, American Express Cardmembers are invited to view the 2009 Swimwear collections at The Raleigh Hotel, Miami. American Express® Gold Card members, Platinum Card® members and Centurion® Card members will have a chance to view the 2009 swim collections of designers such as Custo Barcelona, Tommy Bahama and Ed Hardy Swimwear, and all Cardmembers have the opportunity to access the Official Kick Off Party.

VIP packages are on sale now at and include:
· Exclusive invitation to opening night Diesel show and access to the industry-only after-party, featuring a surprise musical performance [Cardmembers who do not hold a Gold Card, Platinum® Card or Centurion® Card may purchase these packages by calling (800) 448-TIKS (8457)]
· Access to the private American Express poolside cabana at The Raleigh
· Meet and Greet with Tibi designer, Amy Smilovic
· Cardmember only trunk show with ANK by Mirla Sabino, hosted in the Penthouse of The Raleigh
· Access to complimentary valet parking and a gift bag

Proceeds from the sale of ticket packages contribute to a $500,000 American Express donation to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

WHEN: July 17-21, 2008 – Select packages are available

WHERE: Raleigh Hotel – 1775 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL

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Jason Boyer @ Crown Wine Cellars in Hong Kong, April 24, 2008

Jason Boyer, managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald (Hong Kong) Capital Markets Ltd., pulled a matt- black American Express Co. card from his wallet and clinked it against a wine glass.

“Look at this thing, feel the weight of it: pure titanium. Indestructible,” said Boyer, 39, the biggest buyer at Hong Kong’s first wine auction in a decade. “If I die in a plane crash, this thing would survive me.”


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American Express Opens Doors of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Bringing VIP Access For Cardmembers

American Express announces Support of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and $500,000 donation to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund

NEW YORK (January 16, 2008) – American Express announced today that they are bringing back the experience and excitement of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to their Card members through a variety of events and initiatives that will bring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week access to a whole new level. Through these activities, American Express seeks to connect fashion designers and influencers with Card members who are passionate about fashion and style.

In support of fashion designers and the future of the industry, American Express has become a supporter of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) with a donation of $500,000 to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund (CVFF). The CVFF was established to help emerging American design talent find continued success in the business of fashion.

“At this year’s Fashion Week we are creating extraordinary experiences for our Card members, enabling them to get an up-close, multifaceted look into the world of fashion,” said Claire Bennett, Senior Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Media for American Express. “Our Card members are passionate about fashion and we are continuously looking at ways to heighten their access to one of the most important industry events and to demonstrate our dedication and support of the industry.”

“The CFDA is proud to partner with American Express as they continue to deepen their presence and influence within the fashion industry,” says Diane Von Furstenberg, President of the CFDA. “Their donation signifies their commitment to the future of this thriving industry.”

Preview of Exclusive Card Member Access:

American Express® Skybox: American Express will be unveiling a newly enhanced skybox, overlooking both the Main Tent and the Promenade, providing premium access to Gold Card members, Platinum Card® members and Centurion® Card members to experience the shows in a truly unique way. The skybox, a lounge-style viewing room, is undetectable from the runway, however, inside, Card members will enjoy appetizers, cocktails and an up-close view of the runway shows. American Express has numerous surprises in store that will make the once-in-a-lifetime experience extraordinary this year. Packages* go on sale today, January 16th, and are available by logging onto

‘By Invitation Only’® Experiences: In December, the By Invitation Only Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week packages*, available exclusively for Platinum Card and Centurion Card members, were sold out in a matter of days. These packages give Card members full-day access to the Skybox on February 2nd and 3rd, coordinated meet-and-greets with fashion industry insiders, behind-the-scenes tours, and a visit to hair and make-up stylists to perfect their event look.

“Card Member Only” Fashion Show: American Express will be bringing the excitement and passion of Peter Som’s Collection exclusively to an audience of American Express Card members who will be seated as industry insiders “on the floor.” The “Card Member Only” Fashion Show will take place on February 6th at 9 p.m. in the Promenade. Packages* for the Fashion Show will go on sale January 23rd.

Full details of all American Express activities will be announced at the start of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

*All proceeds from the sale of event packages will contribute to the $500,000 American Express donation to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

About American Express
American Express Company is a leading global payments, network and travel company founded in 1850. For more information, visit

About IMG Fashion (US)
IMG Fashion, a division of international sports, entertainment and media giant IMG, is the global leader in the management and production of fashion weeks and designer fashion events. Its portfolio of events in the United States includes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Internationally, IMG Fashion produces, manages and/or represents Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney twice a year, Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, ecoStyle Kuala Lumpur, Fashion Fringe in London, Milan Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

IMG Fashion’s The Daily Group publishes The Daily Front Row, the bi-monthly Fashion Mini, The Daily Front Row Extra and, all content that is also syndicated to newspapers and magazines across the globe.

The division’s network also includes IMG Models, the world’s number one modeling agency with offices in New York, London, Paris and Milan and Art + Commerce, the world’s leading agency for photographers, art directors, stylists and makeup artists.

For more information on IMG and its business visit

About CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund
The CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund (CVFF) is an endowment that was established to help emerging American design talent find continued success in the business of fashion. In addition to business grants of $200,000 to the winner and $50,000 each to the two runners-up, the award includes mentorship from a panel of industry professionals whose expertise is tailored to the designers’ needs and future goals. Since its inception in 2003, the program has granted nearly $1.3 million to twelve different design companies.


Miami, FL – January 15, 2008 – BAWLS Guarana today announced the signing of an exclusive, year-long partnership with IMG Fashion as the Official Energy Drink of the 2008 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week series. BAWLS will keep fashion’s elite caffeinated with its refreshing, citrus-infused flavor at five of the world’s most anticipated fashion shows. BAWLS will enjoy exclusive sampling rights to keep style fans invigorated with BAWLS Guarana’s deliciously smooth taste throughout the fall and spring Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows in New York and in Los Angeles, as well as the series’ Miami Swim show in July.

“Refreshing-yet-energizing, BAWLS Guarana is the perfect beverage to help models, designers and fashion lovers keep up with the energy at these highly-anticipated shows,” said BAWLS Guarana CEO Hoby Buppert. “We are thrilled to once again partner with IMG Fashion as the energy drink of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.”

BAWLS, named for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs, is no stranger to the fashion scene. Models, designers, celebrities and style lovers everywhere are turning to the guarana-based energy of BAWLS to keep them energized. Through the brand’s “Future of Fashion” initiative, BAWLS supports tomorrow’s design icons and events dedicated to emerging and sustainable fashion, including Gen Art Fashion, Parsons The New School for Design and Portland Fashion Week – the first-ever fashion event dedicated to eco-friendly fashion. BAWLS was also the Official Energy Drink of Olympus Fashion Week in 2006, as well as the 2006 Miami Swim Shows.

BAWLS Guarana will make its first stop of the series at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York at Bryant Park on February 1-8. BAWLS is available nationwide at Target stores, Food Emporium, Metropark and premium retailers everywhere.

BAWLS Guarana. Fashion Gets Caffeinated.

BAWLS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hoby Buppert, CEO of Hobarama, LLC, who named the beverage for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs. Widely distributed to local supermarkets, convenience stores (7-Eleven, Speedway/SuperAmerica), Target, and premium retailers; BAWLS is a non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazon. The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus infused cream soda and its popularity continues to grow among caffeine-deprived, refreshment-seeking students, professionals and athletes in need of a Bounce.

For more information, visit


Chambord Liqueur Pours Fashionable Cocktails

Chambord will serve as the Official Liqueur of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Louisville, Ky. January 11, 2008 – From fashion-forward France to the runways of New York, Chambord Black Raspberry liqueur, an all-natural liqueur produced in France’s Loire Valley, will serve as the Official Liqueur of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

This is the second year Chambord has been present at New York’s premier fashion event, Guests attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week can enjoy Chambord at the event bars and lounges and in passed cocktails in the Lobby.

“Every since the explosion of ‘Sex and the City,’ fashion and cocktails have become synonymous. We’re thrilled to partner with IMG Fashion once again and to be a part of the excitement surrounding Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” said Chris Huey, brand director for Chambord.

Event bars will feature Chambord French Martinis, Chambord Manhattans and Chambord Walks (vodka, soda and Chambord) during the showing of the Fall 2008 Collection (February 1 – 8).

Chambord® French Martini
1½ oz vodka
½ oz Chambord®
½ oz pineapple juice
Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass.

Chambord® French Manhattan
2 oz Woodford Reserve® bourbon
1 oz Chambord®
Dash of bitters
Shake ingredients with ice and strain into
a martini glass. Garnish with a cherry.

Chambord® Vodka Soda
1 oz vodka
½ oz Chambord®
Club soda
Shake first two ingredients with ice
and strain into ice-filled rocks glass.
Top with a splash of soda. Garnish
with a lemon wedge.

About Chambord
Chambord Liqueur, made from all-natural, raspberries, blackberries and vanilla and honey extract, is a black raspberry liqueur produced in the picturesque Loire Valley in France. Inspired by Louis XIV’s visit to Chateau Chambord in 1685, Chambord continues to lend elegance and style to every occasion as one of the world’s most versatile liqueurs.

Chambord, 16.5-23% ABV, is one of the fine spirits imported by Brown-Forman Corporation, a diversified producer and marketer of fine quality consumer products, including Jack Daniel’s, Canadian Mist, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodka, Fetzer and Bolla Wines, and Korbel California Champagnes.

Contact: Courtney Sandora, 502.774.7443


DHL Signs on as the Official Express and Logistics Partner for IMG’s Fashion Weeks Worldwide

PLANTATION, Fla. – January 11, 2008 – DHL will become the official express and logistics partner for IMG’s Fashion Weeks around the world, a series of prestigious shows produced and/or represented by IMG Fashion in ten countries spanning four continents each year. Following a successful year working with IMG Fashion in the U.S. market, DHL is now increasing its relationship as the official international express and logistics partner of these events.

DHL’s worldwide IMG Fashion Week partnership premieres this month at the Milano Moda Uomo in Italy January 12-15 and next at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin January 27-31. DHL continues its U.S. presence at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City February 1-8 and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles March 9-13. Other shows will continue throughout the year. As the world’s leading logistics service provider for the fashion business, DHL will use these events to strengthen its business penetration with the fashion, apparel and retail industries.

“IMG Fashion Weeks are a perfect platform where we can demonstrate our expertise especially for the sophisticated area of the fashion and apparel business,” said Wolfgang Giehl, Senior Vice President Corporate Branding and Advertising at Deutsche Post World Net. “DHL’s regular services cover the entire logistics value chain of the fashion industry – from material purchasing and the sample business to quality control of production and direct delivery to the boutiques of international fashion companies.”

“DHL’s relationship with Fashion Week in the U.S. has been instrumental in extending our brand and in growing our fashion and apparel business in this integral market segment. We’re delighted to extend DHL’s partnership with IMG Fashion and look forward to helping deliver the latest fashions to the runways and retailers both here in the U.S. and around the world,” said Karen Jones, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Communications for DHL Express USA.

Maintaining a partnership with such international customers as Esprit, Adidas, Nike, Hugo Boss, Escada and Polo Ralph Lauren, the logistics experts at DHL have been working for years to develop tailor-made transport solutions that address the latest trends in the fashion world and meet the specific needs of individual customers. DHL’s presence in more than 220 countries and territories ensures that the creations of international designers arrive at major fashion shows right on time.

At the beginning of 2007, DHL and IMG Fashion reached an agreement that made the company the official express and logistics partner for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. This partnership is now being expanded around the world.

“The good working relationship in the United States as well as DHL’s worldwide network and the excellent skills supporting the textile industry were the crucial factors that led to DHL’s selection as official logistics partner,” said Peter Levy, Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion. “And, of course, we are happy to have gained another top brand as a sponsor of our global Fashion Week events.”

With a spectacular premiere, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin successfully established itself among international fashion events in July 2007. In addition to the title sponsor Mercedes-Benz, DHL joins American Express, Freixenet, Karstadt, L’Oréal and Veltins as official sponsors. Other cities in which DHL will sponsor fashion events include Milan, London, New York, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami and Sydney.

About Deutsche Post World Net
Deutsche Post World Net is the world’s leading logistics group. Its integrated Deutsche Post, DHL and Postbank companies offer tailored, customer-focused solutions for the management and transport of goods, information and payments through a global network combined with local expertise. Deutsche Post World Net is also the leading provider of Dialog Marketing services, with a unique portfolio of efficient outsourcing and system solutions for the mail business. The Group generated revenue of $80 billion in 2006. With currently more than 500,000 employees in more than 220 countries and territories, Deutsche Post World Net is one of the biggest employers worldwide.

About IMG Fashion
IMG Fashion, a division of international sports, entertainment and media giant IMG, is the global leader in the management and production of fashion weeks and designer fashion events. Its portfolio of events in the United States includes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Internationally, IMG Fashion produces, manages and/or represents Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney twice a year, Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, MasterCard Luxury Week Hong Kong, ecoStyle Kuala Lumpur, Fashion Fringe in London, Milan Fashion Week, Moscow Fashion Week presented by VISA and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

IMG Fashion’s The Daily Group publishes The Daily Front Row, the bi-monthly Fashion Mini, The Daily Front Row Extra and, all content that is also syndicated to newspapers and magazines across the globe.

The division’s network also includes IMG Models, the world’s number one modeling agency with offices in New York, London, Paris and Milan and Art + Commerce, the world’s leading agency for photographers, art directors, stylists and makeup artists.

For more information on IMG and its business visit


World’s Most Luxurious Bottled Water Showcases Luxurious Limited Edition Christian Lacroix Bottle

ATLANTA, GA – January 16, 2008 – Evian® Natural Spring Water, the first ever sponsor of the centralized Fashion Week in New York, announced today its return to the Bryant Park tents in 2008 as the official bottled water and sponsor. Evian’s presence at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week coincides with several other recent partnerships aligning the brand closely with the fashion audience.

Introduced late last year, the trend-setting Limited Edition Evian Bottle by French fashion designer Christian Lacroix is the first high-fashion bottle in its annual designer line and commences a new annual tradition of fashion designer-developed bottles. The Limited Edition Evian Bottle by Lacroix is finding its way into the nation’s high-end restaurants, hotels and nightclubs and will be in abundance at the Fall 2008 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (held February 1 – 8, 2008). Additionally, Evian product continues to appear on fashion-forward television shows.

“Evian has historically been the natural choice of discerning consumers and celebrities around the globe and we are certainly eager to embrace our commitment to those consumers with our return to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” said Jeff Caswell, Vice President of Marketing for Evian North America. “This is the industry’s pinnacle event and exactly where we want to be as we continue to integrate ourselves throughout the fashion community.”

Evian has always been a leader and innovator in the industry. It was the first sponsor to align with New York Fashion Week when the production entity then known as 7th on Sixth began producing the events in 1993, and continued its sponsorship for 10 uninterrupted years. The shows in New York City’s Bryant Park represent the largest centrally organized fashion week, comprised of the global fashion industry, lifestyle media and buyers from around the world.

“We are thrilled to welcome Evian back to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this year,” said Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion. “Without the support of our sponsors Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week would have never grown to the level that it has within New York City and throughout the world.”

In 2008, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will take place from February 1 – February 8 and September 7 – September 14.

About Evian
Bottled since 1826, Evian Natural Spring Water is the world’s #1 brand of natural spring water. Every drop of Evian takes over 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps. Bottled at the source in a state of the art facility, Evian comes from the Cachat Spring located on the Southern shore of Lake Geneva, in the town of Evian-les-Bains. Evian provides a uniquely balanced mineral composition and subtle flavor as a product of its unhurried journey.

Today, Evian is a brand of Danone Group, a leader in the food industry and number one by volume in the world for packaged water and dairy products. Evian first entered the U.S. market in 1978, where it was served in the finest bars and restaurants in distinctive glass bottles, and is now accepted as the natural spring water for those, including many of Hollywood’s elite, who like to treat themselves to the very best.

Press Contact: Kristin Connor
5W Public Relations
Tel: (212) 999-5585


Coverage of Fall 2008 Collections Kicks Off Super Bowl Sunday; Offers Stylish Hi-Def Alternative

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 16, 2008 – Viewers who favor haute couture over helmets and jerseys will find a stylish alternative to sports programming when they tune into ULTRA HD for FULL FRONTAL FASHION’s in-depth coverage of the Fall 2008 Collections presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The first installment of this fashionable series premieres on ULTRA HD (the first hi-definition channel devoted to the worlds of fashion, beauty and style) on Sunday, February 3rd at 8PM ET/9PM PT/7C. Two brand-new, one-hour episodes then air back-to-back on February 4th at 8PM ET/9PM PT/7C and February 5th-10th at 8PM ET/11PM PT/7C. The program is rated TV-PG.

Throughout the year, ULTRA HD’s FULL FRONTAL FASHION covers the world’s top runways including Paris, Milan, London, Miami and Los Angeles. This February, FULL FRONTAL FASHION will once again offer comprehensive, insider coverage of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, one of the fashion industry’s most prestigious events. Showcasing the latest Fall 2008 collections from world-famous fashion designers, this event is attended by journalists, stylists, buyers, celebrities and socialites. Hosts Judy Licht, Christina Ha, Lloyd Boston and James Aguiar provide up-close coverage of the catwalks and the action backstage, with commentary from leading editors and interviews with designers, models and celebrities. In addition, celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan provides coverage of all the week’s hottest parties, while Glamour magazine’s Suze Yalof Schwartz offers her thoughts and opinions about upcoming beauty trends.

FULL FRONTAL FASHION will also air in standard definition in the Tri-State area on NYC TV (Cablevision channel 22, Time Warner channel 25) February 3rd-14th at 9PM ET.

FULL FRONTAL FASHION is produced in stunning high definition by ULTRA HD. Greg Moyer is the executive in charge of production, Elizabeth Dewey is the executive producer and David Diner is the supervising producer.

One of the 15 VOOM HD Networks, ULTRA HD immerses viewers in the world of fashion, beauty and style. From shopping to cuisine to interior design, ULTRA HD is devoted to stylish living. All ULTRA HD programs are created especially to maximize the visual power and beauty of the high-definition medium, and are recorded with the full force of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. ULTRA HD is available nationally on the DISH Network satellite service (Channel 9478) and Cablevision’s iO digital cable service (Channel 729).

About VOOM HD Networks:
VOOM HD Networks comprise the world’s largest suite of high-definition content for distribution through satellite and cable operators. Produced exclusively in true high-definition and 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound, VOOM HD Networks carry programming in categories as diverse as sports, movies, fashion, music and art. VOOM HD Networks’ 15 HDTV channels are available in the U.S. on Echostar’s DISH Network and Cablevision’s iO digital cable service. A 24/7 linear VOOM HD channel is available internationally and is currently distributed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Select VOOM HD programming is also available worldwide and has been licensed to viewers in more than 150 countries. Building on Rainbow Media Holdings LLC’s history of original programming innovation, VOOM HD was developed to meet the growing worldwide demand for quality high-definition programming.

Press Contacts:
Marlea Willis, VOOM HD Networks Jeffrey Pattit, VOOM HD Networks
(646) 273-7375 (646) 273-7360


Official wine poured under the tents and around New York City partners with designers

NEW YORK-Jan. 30, 2008 – The fusion of fashion and wine will return to the tents of Bryant Park when the Vibrant Rioja models unveil two original dresses designed by Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada as well as original dresses created by Project Runway designer, Steven Rosengard, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week from February 1 to 8, 2008. The Vibrant Rioja models will also hand out keys at the event that unlock one of 10 prizes at participating retailers, including wine parties for 20 and gift certificates to the Manhattan-based stores of leading designers showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Wines of Rioja Steal the Show As the official wine sponsor of the most fashionable event in town, the wines of Rioja will offer a variety of red and white wine each day at the Lotus Bar. Wines poured include Puerta Vieja, Loriñon, Cortijo III, Marqués de Cáceres, Campo Viejo, El Coto and Sonsierra. Inside the tents, Rioja will be in the booths of several stylish sponsors, including W Hotels, American Express, Lycra and more. Designers such as Naaem Khan have made Rioja their wine of choice backstage. “I am excited to partner with Rioja to create something stylish and striking for Fashion Week,” says Ruiz de la Prada. “My dresses were inspired by the Vibrant Rioja stripes. Just like Rioja stands out amongst other wines, the dresses will stand out amongst the crowded tents.”

From the Runway to the Retailer
Outside Bryant Park the Vibrant Rioja campaign will host wine tastings at retailers throughout New York each Saturday in February, offering all customers a 10% discount on any Rioja wines in conjunction with Vibrant Rioja’s Keys to the Runway promotion. The key for the designer certificates and wine parties for 20 also give consumers 15% off Rioja wines and 25% off a case of Rioja. Five Vibrant Rioja boxes will be located at Union Square Wine & Spirits, Vintage Wine & Spirits, Park East Wine & Spirits and Columbus Wine & Spirits. Complete information including a list of participating wine retailers is available at

About The Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja
The Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja operates under the auspices of Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture with the following specific functions: ensuring compliance among wineries and growers of the quality standards established under Rioja’s DOCa.’s appellation; ongoing quality control of the Rioja wines carrying the DOCa. appellation on the label; promoting the image of the Rioja D.O.C.a. brand in Spain and abroad; and trade relations among growers, wineries and other interested parties.

About Wines from Spain
Wines from Spain, a promotional division of the Trade Commission of Spain in New York City, under the auspices of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX), is committed to promoting the awareness of Spanish wines and spirits throughout the United States, through education, informational materials, special events and promotions. For further information on specific wine regions and producers, please contact: Wines from Spain, Trade Commission of Spain, 405 Lexington Avenue, 44th Floor, New York, NY 10174-0331, or by email at:

About CRT/tanaka
CRT/tanaka is an award-winning public relations and marketing firm, known for creative solutions and workplace culture. The agency was formed in 2005, when Carter Ryley Thomas acquired New York consumer agency Patrice Tanaka & Company, Inc. to form one of the top independent agencies in the country. Headquartered in Richmond, Va. and New York, with offices in Los Angeles and Norfolk, Va., CRT/tanaka specializes in three practice areas – Consumer, Health and Corporate. The agency’s Consumer Practice is renowned for its specialty in brand marketing PR, cause and event marketing and marketing to women. CRT/tanaka has been recognized with more than 260 national and regional awards. Clients include Wines from Rioja (Spain), Target Stores, MAGIC International, Sprint, Capital One, Atkins Nutritionals, Charles Schwab & Co., Girl Scouts of the USA, HoMedics, All-Clad Metalcrafters, De’Longhi, VHA, the Better Business Bureau, Performance Food Group and ITT Corporation.

YKK® Sponsors Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week In New York

Atlanta, GA – YKK, a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality zippers and other fasteners for sewn products, has announced it is now a proud sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, New York, Feb. 1 – 8, 2008.

Through all seasons and trends, fashion designers depend on YKK to provide the widest selection of fashion-forward fastening products on earth. These products are the little parts that make a big difference in how designs look on the runway and how they perform in the real world.

The preference for the YKK® brand is due in part to its being one of the best made fasteners available. In fact, the Company makes not only fashion and performance zippers, but also hook & loop, plastic buckles, metal snaps and buttons, and webbings.

With one of its new slogans as “Eco Now is Eco Smart,” YKK is also proud to be going “green.” It invites customers to visit its stunning New York showroom where YKK will partner with customers to innovate fastening solutions to their fashion design challenges.

For further information, contact Randy Johnson at 770-426-3007; or fax: 770-421-8150.

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Redeem Some of Your AMEX Points on Some of These Luxury Items

With the holidays fast approaching, and all those points you have been racking up on your Black Card, why not redeem for some flashy rewards this year?

If you don’t feel like watching the video above, some of your options for new AMEX rewards include a Lamborghini, items from Tiffany & Co., Neiman Marcus and Chopard.

Specific Options:

  • Davidoff Black Leather Cigar Case (20,500 points)
  • Baccarat Grand Bordeaux Wine Tasting Glass Set of Two (22,500 points)
  • Roundtrip Business Class Ticket on EOS Airlines (NYC to London) (85,000 points)
  • On-Demand Private Jet Service (384,000 points)
  • Chopard “Ice Cube Collection” 18K White Gold and Diamond Watch (93,200,000 points)
  • 12-month Lamborghini lease (10,500,000 points)

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Priority Pass

Centurion Members get automatic membership to the Priority Pass program.

Priority Pass is the world’s largest VIP lounge VIP program with access to over 500 airport lounges in 90 countries and over 275 cities. Lounges include a range of refreshments, facilities for business, conference rooms, phones, fax, e-mail, internet access.


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Financially Hung’s Black Card Party – Vice, Hollywood, CA

Promoters are now using the black card as a brand identifier as seen by Black Card Ultra Lounge opening in Arizona, and Financially Hung’s recent “Black Card Party”.

Some of the celebrities that attended Financially Hung’s black card party include: Alana Curry, Brande Roderick, Cassandra Hepburn, Charis Boyle, Jamie Carson, Jennifer Cantrell, Julia Sandberg Hansson, Katie Lohmann, Kevin Federline, Lorielle New, Mary Carey, Nicole Narain, Priscilla Taylor, Tabitha Taylor


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Black Card Casino Royale

Just another reference to the Black Card in popular culture. This time the titanium beauty is handed-over at a luxurious hotel to maintain the always wealthy and sheik image of Mr. Bond. Why would he carry any other card in his wallet?


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Nokia Vertu

vertu-cell-phoneArab Emirates, all places the rich like to hide. Eric Lee, Sales Director for Vertu Lee estimates the typical Vertu customer earns around 300,000 US dollars a year. The top-level Vertu is platinum-cased Signature model that runs a mere Vertu a new luxury phone brand created by Nokia, has offices in London, Vertu has offices in Paris, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Vertu has a select set of dealers in 20 countries and territories, including Kuwait, Macau and the United $32,000, while yellow gold is only $18,500 and the leather ascent model is $4,700.

You can be sure to see this in Hip Hop Culture, see for the History of Cell Phones in Hip Hop.

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