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Barclaycard i24 (UK)

Barclaycard i24 replaces what was formerly known as Morgan Stanley i24 card and was taken over from Goldfish/Morgan Stanley.

The i24 Card provides 1%, 24/7 concierge with “discovery” and “recovery” services, priority pass membership.

Annual fees are £275.

You’re going to have to be earning £70,000 a year to qualify.


7 Responses to “Barclaycard i24 (UK)”

  1. Inge Sudbury says:

    A friend of mine recommended the Barclaycard i24 and also Barclays had offered me this card a little while ago. I would be intertested now to receive this card. I understand that one of the benefits is free travel insurance.
    I am banking with 20-95-61 branch.

    • gerald morse says:

      i am rather surprised that you put out your bank account number into the public domain—also cannot understand why you expect a card after the elapsement of only 3 days!
      there are so many cards available—direct your questions to each off them

      • Chris Thompson says:

        It’s a sortcode, and it already is in the ‘public domain’ … it can be used to ident. a branch, bank or other financial institution, but not an account directly.

  2. Inge Sudbury says:

    I am still awaiting a reply re application for the i24 card.

  3. Junk Man says:

    Recycle For The Planet Earth 🙂

  4. Geoff Balcombeite says:

    Now that AMEX are increasing the cost of a Platinum card from £ 300 up to £ 450 ( 50% Increase !!!) I expect them to lose a lot of customers to these alternative cards !!


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