The Virgin Atlantic Black Card

It seems Virgin Atlantic now has a Black Card, we are all going to have Black Card overload pretty soon.
Virgin Atlantic Black Card


The Virgin Atlantic Black Card is the fastest card to earn Flying Club miles, end of story. You’ll fly faster with:

* 2 Flying Club miles for every £1 spent on card purchases
* 4 Flying Club miles for every £1 spent direct with Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Holidays
* 6,000 bonus Flying Club miles upon first spend within first 90 daysFootnote 1
* 10% off Virgin Holidays packagesFootnote 2
* 0% on balance transfers for 6 months from the date your account is opened. 2% handling fee applies
* 18.9% (variable) on card purchases, that’s a typical rate of 37.1% APR (variable) including the £115 annual fee, see the Summary box for full details

One Response to “The Virgin Atlantic Black Card”

  1. Horst Tezak says:

    Virgin had a beautiful lookin black card, what happened. Now in 2022 we have a cheap looking card that’s is not Black what we originally pays for. The same goes for your partner Delta sky miles which is even worst looking. I have Virgin card for another 12 years now and I been told by different cashiers that it used to be one of their favorite lookin cards , now it’s JUNK. I’m considering closing my account because of the change and I’m not the only one. Change back to the original, my wife has the original with the louch Member on it. This new cards are not Black, you might say it’s a FROUD we are being charged $90. For a black card not a cheap looking piece of cardboard. Does Richard B no of this change????


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