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Visa Black Card and American Express Centurion – No Comparison

The more information that is gathered about the new Visa Black Card, the more it seems that the card is not as high end as the American Express Centurion card. So the whole theory of, you get what you pay for ($495/year vs $2500/year) holds true. Here’s some photos our reader sent in showing the card side by side to the Centurion Card, our reader tells us card itself feels like a normal credit card — nothing special. You can check out our review/unboxing page for more photos, and our comparison chart for card benefits comparison. American Express doesn’t have an online application for their Black Card, but Visa allows you to apply directly for the card here



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  1. Blamex says:

    if u want a real black american express card and can afford it, email icurme @


  1. […] even though the cards don’t really compare, Barclay’s gets to behave like they do because they own the trademark. Share this […]

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