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Visa Black Card – Hands on Review and Unboxing

We were fortunate enough to have one of our readers who recently received the Visa Black Card and send us photos of the unboxing as well as photos side-by-side to their Centurion Card. Without even diving deep into the benefits you can see right off that this card is more appropriately competing with the American Express Platinum Card, and you will see will see further from the photos and even the unboxing that the card does not “feel” that luxurious.

Here’s the box as it arrives to your house:


And our reader opening the box:


The World Awaits



Open box including card terms and conditions, as well as Visa Black Card box.


Black Card Concierge and Benefits Guide cover.


Details on The Concierge and Visa Black Card Benefits




Details on the Visa Black Card Rewards Program




Here’s an image of the front of the Visa Black Card in person.


This is somewhat interesting as our reader expected the card to be stiff or special in some form since it is allegedly made from Carbon Graphite (Carbon Fiber), but apparently it feels and bends just like plastic.


Our reader says they even felt weird putting the cards side by side, as the more they learn (and we learn too), they don’t really compare.



29 Responses to “Visa Black Card – Hands on Review and Unboxing”

  1. Weson says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is!!! I have a card with no fees and pays me upto 3% cash back. I’d rather pay $27 at the airports to use their lounge than pay $500 for an annual fee…

    • LA wired says:

      This is a scam… I cannot find any value either… this is another way for a credit card company to rob people.

      • Sg says:

        You’d see the value if your annual spending was in six digits and you booked more than 20 flights a year. These cards are rare because the people that need them are rare. You need an annual spending of above $250,000 per year for a centurion card. Unlimited credit is worth $ 2,500 / year which you would more than make back in benefits.
        Feel free to stay with your card because chances are you won’t be eligible for this.

        • GQ says:

          Just got my Centurion card, what happen to the recession?
          The fee is now $7500 and no longer unlimted credit.

          This is strictly a status card. I must admit. This card brings more attention then a ferrari.
          Call it what you want, its all status


  2. Smart Credit 850 says:

    Some Visa Signature cards (with Concierge Service) have no annual fee and no preset spending limit? Maybe the Black cards Concierge Service is better to explain the annual fee of $495? I’ll stay with my 3% cash back rewards and Signature cards.

  3. Smart Credit 850 says:

    But the Black card should hold shape made of carbon. Maybe someone can discuss the level of Concierge Service, since that’s pretty much what you are paying the annual fee for. Hard to knock the card if no one tested the Concierge Service compared to Signature Concierge Service offered for no annual fee on some cards.

  4. Choose a Card says:

    OK…..if you want a BLACK card…..just go to one of your existing card websites……and you can change your design. One of the designs for Discover Card has your initials on a BLACK card. You can get the cash back, have a monogrammed card that is black and REALLY be all that!!!

    Some cards even let you upload a picture. Just take one of a black piece of paper…..and upload it…and you can have your BLACK card!

    Nuff Said!

  5. Allen says:

    I’ve had this card but I recently cancelled. The service desk is terrible. I have tried to get into to several airport lounges with this card but was rejected as they don’t recognize this benefit and worse, they have never heard of the BlackCard. I am a frequent international traveller and never had to pay currency conversion fees on any of my credit cards but Blackcard will charge a 3% currency conversion fee.

    This card is a lot of hype and not worth your $495 fee. Stay away!

  6. ty says:

    Visa Black. Dont waste your money. Cancelled mine.

  7. It’s tough to beat the all black carbonite card as far as sex appeal goes but other than the look of the card the rewards program is really pretty sub par. I personally use an American Express card that gives me 1% to 3% cash back on everything I buy and I pay no annual fee. Overall, the Visa Black Card is really a pretty sweet looking card if you want to impress someone though 🙂

  8. Paul says:

    Your wasting your time with the VISA Black Card – all show and no go. You can get a B of A Accolade card for about half the price and twice the benefits, or an AMEX Platinum for the same fee and more rewards. ITS A GIMMICK – DON’T BE SUCKED IN!!!!

  9. cadillacpat says:

    I have had the Visa black card for about 3 months and I tried to use the concierge service to book a hotel while I was on a road trip. They found me a nice hotel but wanted to charge me an additional 6% fee. I called the hotel myself and made the reservation with no additional fees. I’m now in the process of canceling my card and trying to get the annual fee refunded. I have spent alot of money on this card all over the country and have only had one “oooh” from a 19 year old black girl who seen a black card in a rap video once. I am by no means a baller though I only make around 50k a year with ok credit and I was invited to enroll in this card I never applied, and my limit is only 10k. If you are thinking about getting this card to impress people or use its “benefits” save your money.

  10. William Pape says:

    The VISA Black Card is a FUCKING JOKE. I have one, I make a lot of money and I would like to steer any potential applicant away from this product. The facts: I was traveling in Thailand for 9-months. Without even a phone call, my credit limit of 25K was reduced to 5K. I have a 700+ FICO score. Then my Black Card was stolen in Vietnam and $2500 was charged on account in Hong Kong. I noticed charges, called Customer Service and charges were dropped and card was cancelled. Finally, I needed a new card for the purchase of a 1st class ticket BKK to DC. Customer Service was unable to send Black Card to Bangkok or provide me with account number. Would make sense to link Customer Service with the bogus Elite Concierge service, which is a FUCKING JOKE Too. Bottom Line, Good Marketing, Bad Product. Stay Away!

  11. concerned viewer says:

    Please note the unboxing pictures, include the card holders name, card number, expiration date and CVV2 code. The card holder can only hope that someone did not already mi-used his card. VISA shoudl issu ehim a new one since this card’s all important info is compromised

    • Andre says:

      the name and cvv2 code is only an ad. He covered his real name and number in the next couple of photos. i dont think ppl are stupid enought to display everything on the net but you never know 🙂

    • For Real? says:

      Are you serious? Do you really think his card is split in two, and you can see the front and back at the same time? Wow.

  12. jmoney says:

    they say, “once you go black, you never go back” there’s no turning back.

  13. cowboy says:

    I will cancel mine also, went to Europe, and it was rejected at
    the Bier palace in Berlin Germany….how embarassing….!!!!!!

  14. Joe schmo says:

    Tipoff. Five hundy for nothing. I got the pre approval notice in the mail and tossed it out. If u want a pretty card pay an artist to make one for u it will be worth more.

  15. Henry says:

    I’ve had the Amex centurion card for over 3 years and the concierge and travel service benefits are amazing. They’ve helped me with random concierge requests, tickets and even a lost passport in Prague and I have found the card to be well worth the money.

    Unfortunately I have also applied and received the Visa Black Card. This thing is a joke. I have no idea why I did it and regret the day I ever came across the card. First off the card came with a complete joke of a limit. Throw in the $500 annual fee and you just have to scratch your head. I just finished furnishing a new house and a few people didn’t take Amex. I used the Visa card and accidentally busted through the joke of a limit (is it really a limit then). Visa was nice enough to post that to my credit report which immediately dropped it 46 points. I called and they gave me the biggest BS excuse as to why this happened. Turns out I own a credit card processing company and know a thing or two about this and some dope CS rep just flat out lied about trashing my credit.

    Bottom line… Don’t even consider the wannabe Visa Black Card. It’s a joke in every way. Their concierge service is worthless, their limits are a joke, and the card even feels flimsy like bad toilet paper. I’m not the type of guy that likes to turn heads with a credit card but I’ll never have that problem with the Visa card. It doesn’t get any second glances and anyone in the know understands that it’s a worthless card that they’ll give to anyone.

  16. David the centurion says:

    I have both the centurion and visa black card. I have looked into the card benefits and have used both cards. Here are the pros and cons of each card. The Amex centurion is very exclusive. Definitely a status symbol. When u go to dinner with friends and whip out this card, the respect you get has a value. Or when you shop and whip out the card, the sales people give better service. I do feel the travel and concierge service is not much different to the amex platinum but the annual fee is very different. I like Amex centurion is made of titanium which people always notice the weight of the card. The visa black to me is now very common. I believe anyone who is willing to pay the annual fee can get one. With Amex, there really was pre qualification and hurdles to get. I had to talk to them for 2 years and work at my spending from my Amex platinum in order to accomplish this. So u appreciate the Amex centurion when u finally am invited in. Also the reward range is much bigger with Amex centurion then visa black. I tried to redeem something from visa black with the points I accumulated and couldn’t find anything I would want to get unlike Amex. You ask, there has to be some good to visa black. Well I found that visa black gave a higher limit then most regular visa. I got 50k on mine. Also visa is accepted in more places. Another difference is the airport lounge selection is much less w visa black. With Amex, you can get into exclusive club and a seat at hard to get reservation restaurants. But at the end, you pay much higher w Amex centurion. The visa black looks cool w carbon. For me, it has high limit so if some places don’t take Amex, I can use that card.

  17. Simon Lee says:

    I never write reviews for anything as I feel that my personal opinion is my personal opinion and not worth sharing, but this card is SO BAD, I just had to warn others. It’s a HUGE SCAM. You get nothing at all for this, I lost my card and it took them 4 week and still no replacement card (so basically just paid $45 for nothing at all) I called them up to complain and I swear it was the worst customer service I have ever received in my life, I could call T-Mobile or Time Warner cable and get better service. The lady I spoke to was the most condescending human (I think) I have ever spoken to, and I pay $495 a year for this? Theres nothing you get for this card that you can’t get from a no fee card, also if you want to pay a fee get the American Express Platinum card for $450 a year, it’s well worth it and the customer service is very strong.

  18. D Seif says:


    I applied for and paid the $495 fee for this card back in April 2012 as a replacement for a Costco Amex card. I use this card for all purchases and business travel, so it’s important that it not only be reliable and work, but that the credit limit be sufficient to support my travel. While Barclay’s has tried to portray this card as a premium card with premium services – equivalent or better than those offered by Amex – I must wholeheartedly disagree.

    Here are some of the less than ‘premium’ services with the card:

    1) The credit limit was less than half of what we use with our Amex card. We use the card for all expenses every month and pay it off each month. But, by cutting the limit in less than half, we have to switch cards mid-month, making it more complex and harder to manage each month.
    2) When attempting to increase the credit limit to something more reasonable, we were instructed that we’d have to wait six months before they could consider an increase.
    3) We had both of our cards compromised at merchant retailers within a three week period – it took more than seven days to receive replacement cards via regular mail. Shouldn’t ‘black card’ service come with an expedited replacement card service for free?!?
    4) The Airport Lounge perk that they so prominently advertise is nothing less than a joke – the only lounges that are supported are primarily international, unless you fly to Alaska as Alaska Airlines lounges are supported.
    5) We paid the extra $195 for a companion card for my wife – but beware, as companions DON’T receive the premium Airport Lounge perk which is a separate card that has to be mailed to you.
    6) The website to manage the card is one of the least sophisticated I’ve every seen – granted, it’s all black and gold, but the user interface is antiquated and archaic.
    7) When we tried to close the account due to the lack of ‘premium’ service – we were instructed that because it was past the 60 day window, we could not get a refund, even pro-rated, of the membership fee for either card….$700 down the drain for the premium experience of working with Barclay’s Black Card.

    If you want a card that actually lives up to its name – get an Amex Platinum card and skip the imitations. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

  19. Cesar De la Rosa says:

    I am sorry to say but about 99.9% of the people commenting on here do not deserve a black Amex. since i had the Black Amex 5 years ago it has been nothing but amazing! the benefits, concert tickets,1st class flying, 24 hour assistance to practically what ever i get myself into and it is simply amazing!Perhaps it helps that my father makes more than a few millions a year. Enough to challenge Carlos Slim’s wealth. In any case, this card is amazing. i never leave home with out it.

  20. khrwani says:

    The days where I knew about the nnidam al alami aljadid and VISA cards are my primary moustahlik in the haql….

    I say amssab returns these days as I miss them bzzaf!


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